Important Dates

Early Bird Reservation & Payment
September 30, 2018
Final Reservation & Payment
October 30, 2018
Additional Reservation Payment
November 30, 2018
Online Registrations
December 10, 2018
Paper Applications are NOT accepted for registration.


Check Your Reservation Status

Please thoroughly review and follow the steps below to ensure your club meets all deadlines and requirements.

  1. Clubs may reserve up to 2 spots per high school.* Reservations should be made immediately and are intended to hold your spots for campers. It is unnecessary to have your campers chosen prior to reservation.
    *If there are multiple clubs in your area, please work with your other local clubs to determine which clubs will cover which high schools. For instance, each club in Longview will sponsor students from different Longview and White Oak high schools. This should be worked out between clubs and is not assigned by RYLA 5830.
  2. The reservation process begins by completing the reservation form and sending payment to RYLA 5830. No spots will be reserved until full payment is received. No exceptions will be made.
  3. Additional spots will be made available for reservation after the deadline of October 30th. These spots will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Requests for additional reservations may be made at any point prior to or after the regular reservation deadline. Please do not send payment for additional spots until confirmed. Any additional funds sent prior to confirmation of extra reservations will be considered a donation to RYLA 5830.
  4. Check your reservation status here.
  1. Distribute applications to local high school leaders. Students should have proven leadership skills and/or potential based on their school and community involvement. Work with high school counselors to find the best and brightest!
  2. Collect applications early and set a firm deadline for submission.
  3. If you have several qualified applicants, we suggest holding a short interview process at the high school to determine which students will be the best fit for RYLA. Contact Jeff Miller, Clubs Coordinator, for recommendations.
  4. Contact your RYLA scholarship recipients and provide them with the camper packet. Confirm that they are able to attend camp before submitting their information online.
  1. Once you have selected your students, complete the online registration for your primary campers only.
    Mailed, paper applications are no longer accepted.
  2. If a student is unable to attend and you would like to fill their spot with an alternate, contact said alternate, provide them with their camper packet, and complete the online registration for this student.
  3. Keep in mind that you will only be allowed to submit registrations for the number of students you have already paid for. Registrations exceeding the number of confirmed reservations will not be accepted.
  4. Check your registration status here.

Some things to remember:

  • RYLA 5830 is a leadership camp led by volunteer staff. The purpose of camp is to foster students who have already shown leadership in their schools and communities.
  • It is the responsibility of Rotary International clubs to select students to attend RYLA. While school counselors and teachers can be a great resource, club members should be fully involved in the selection process.
  • While RYLA campers come in all shapes and sizes, our staff is not equipped to properly serve students with major physical or mental limitations. Please keep the activities of camp in mind when selecting your campers. For further clarification, please contact Ridley Briggs, Clubs Coordinator.